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Pokemon Go Mod Apk Download

Pokemon Go MOD APK

Pokemon Go MOD APK is an exciting and enjoyable Pokémon collecting game with amazingly high graphics quality that emerges with the real world. This game is the perfect blend of virtual reality games with cartoonish animation. Players have to search the Pokémons in the real world by turning on their GPS and camera on their smartphones.

The developers worked hard on three-dimensional rendering of Pokémon’s coordination with the real world by using graphical animations. Collect different species of Pokémons by wandering all over your town. The GPS of your mobile phone will navigate you to the exact location of Pokémons. Once you’ve managed to find the Pokémon, you can catch him by throwing a Pokeball at him.

Pokemon Go APK

The concept of this game is purely derived from our favorite childhood television show Pokémon. If you’re a Pokémon television show lover then this game would be an exciting adventure for you. The gameplay of Pokémon go is a very simple and fun process to play. Players have to simply turn on the GPS of their smartphones in order to play this game. Players will see the maps of their location on their screens where they have to search the Pokémons by wandering all over their locations.

Once you’ve found the Pokémons on your smartphone then players have to throw the pokeballs by aiming at the Pokémon species. Players have to aim right in order to catch the Pokémon because they’ll dodge every throw you’ll make. Once you’ve caught the Pokémon, it will get automatically tamed by your pokeballs. You can use your caught Pokémons for battling with other players. Enroll your Pokémons in different tournaments and battles and win exciting rewards and prices. In the spare time, players can also play with their Pokémons and feed them different foods like a real pet.

Pokemon Go APK Features:

  • One of the most highlighted features of Pokémon Go is that it’s a perfect blend of three-dimensional virtual reality and the real world. The characters are animated and rendered in this way that they perfectly move and react according to the locations around them.
  • The game itself is amazingly colorful in graphics that all the Pokémon series lovers won’t be able to resist this game. The game features all your favorite Pokémons characters including Pikachu, Charizard, Eevee, landlords, Snorlax, Mewtwo, ditto, Charmander, gardevoir, Squirtle, and many more.
  • Players can play this game online with their friends and enroll their Pokémons into various tournaments and battles. Winning each battle will reward you with new Pokémons of opponents and with various rewards. Players will also earn lots of coins by winning the battles. Those rewarded coins can be used to purchase food items for your Pokémons.
  • Players can also train their caught Pokémons in the training mode where they can improve the attacking and defending skills of their caught Pokémons.
  • You can also build up your team by joining with your friends and fight battles against the other teams. Team battles will help you earn more coins and powerful upgrades for your Pokémon species.

Pokemon Go MOD APK

Pokemon Go MOD APK features unlimited money which will help you to purchase new Pokémon characters. Players can also purchase different food items and upgrades for their Pokémon characters. Gamers can regain their health anytime during the battle. This feature will help them to fight for a longer period of time and win the tournaments and battles. Purchase different upgrades and gears by using unlimited money and improve the powers and fighting abilities of your Pokémon characters.

Pokemon Go MOD Features:

  • Pokemon Go MOD APK has a unique feature called fake GPS. This feature will hide the real address of your location and provide you with a fake GPS location. Now gamers can play all around the world by using this feature.
  • Unwanted annoying advertisements and commercials have been blocked with the mode APK of Pokémon Go. Now players don’t have to worry about disturbing ads and commercials anymore.
  • The mod apk also has a radar hacker which brings all the far away Pokémons nearer to your location. Now players don’t have to wander all over the streets in order to search for the Pokémons.

Tips To Play:

  • This game is based on the virtual rendering of Pokémons in the real world and it uses the GPS map location system in its gameplay so players must have smartphones with the built-in GPS.
  • This game operates online and all the battles and tournaments are held through online gameplays so players must have an efficiently strong internet connection in order to play this game.
  • Regularly feed the right food to your caught Pokémons in order to grow them bigger and stronger.
  • The gamers must have a compatible Android smartphone to play this game. The minimum specification requirements for this game are a minimum of 2 gigabytes of ram, 105 megabytes of free storage, and at least a 6.0 android version.
  • Regularly train your Pokémons in the gym practice mode in order to prepare them for heavy battles and fights.

Pokemon Go Download Guide:

Pokémon Go MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to catch Pokémons available on the radar?

A: Aim right and throw the Pokeball on the Pokémon in order to enclose the Pokémon in Pokeball.

Q: How to make the captive Pokémons stronger and bigger in size?

A: Feed them the right amount of food in order to grow them bigger and stronger.

Q: How to enroll the caught Pokémons in the online battles?

A: Log in with your Google play service and join the events and tournaments online in order to enroll your Pokémons into online battles.


Pokémon Go MOD APK is a very unique game that merges the virtual world with the real world. Collect more than five hundred Pokémons and enjoy playing the game by recruiting your Pokémons in the battles.

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