Truecaller Premium Mod Apk Latest Version 2023

Truecaller Premium MOD APK

Truecaller Premium MOD APK

Truecaller Premium MOD APK is a utility application for android and IOS platforms that helps its users to identify the true identity of the caller and all necessary information like the location and address of the calling person. This application is really useful to block all the scam calls and advertisement sales calls from different marketing associates. Be aware of the true identity of the caller and the purpose of calling. Truecaller also emerges from the two different application functionalities into a single application. Now you can have voice calls and SMS texting in a single application. Call or text anyone right through the Truecaller application anytime and anywhere.

Truecaller APK

Truecaller is the most reliable and trustworthy application which will help you block all unwanted sales calls, scam calls, marketing calls, and robocalls. This application is designed in this way that it automatically detects the true identity and information regarding the caller. Manage all your important contacts and permanently block all the unwanted annoying calls. The Truecaller caller is the most trusted utility application you can get on the play store. It has more than two hundred million downloads from all around the world.

It’s based on an artificial intelligence system that automatically takes out the information of the caller by tracking his location and IP address. Truecaller also gives you the exact address of the caller with the accurate real-time location. It also offers you a crystal clear voice call without any distortion and disturbance. Truecaller has a unique feature to record all the incoming and outgoing calls which would be really helpful for you to have evidence of threatening and fake or scam calls. You can use these recordings and information as evidence and you can report them to your nearest police station.

Truecaller APK Features:

  • Truecaller automatically takes out the information about the caller including the address and real-time location of the caller which will help you understand the basic reason for the incoming call.
  • This application offers absolutely free voice calling service so now you can connect with your friends and family members in a more efficient and reliable way.
  • It helps you keep all the history and call duration records of your previous calls. You can easily take out information about your previous calls within a matter of a few seconds. It automatically creates the backup of your call logs on cloud storage. This feature helps you to take out your call log details anytime.
  • Truecaller application has a unique feature to record all of your Incoming and outgoing calls and saves all the recordings to your device storage. It also automatically creates the backup of recorded files on Google Drive and other cloud storage.
  • Just like the incoming calls, it detects the information regarding the sender of text messages. It helps you to know who’s actually texting with you. Truecaller Premium Apk takes out all the important information like the location and address of the text sender. It automatically blocks annoying advertisement and marketing texts.

Truecaller Premium Mod Apk

Truecaller Premium Mod Apk has all the new and premium features unlocked. The mod apk of Truecaller allows you to see who watched your profile recently and tried to take out your personal information. It shows the information about the caller even before he tries to call, this feature will help you to save a lot of your precious time. The mod apk Truecaller also gives you the option to check the others’ profiles and location information in an anonymous way. Users Will get thirty contact requests a month which they can use to contact any other random person.

Truecaller Premium MOD Features:

  • One of the most key features of mod apk is that it offers the ads blocker feature. This feature helps you block all the advertisements and commercials pop-ups on your mobile phone while using the application. In this way, you’ll have a smooth and flawless experience with this application.
  • The mod apk of Truecaller will give you a golden profile tag which will make your profile more secure than ever before. This feature will protect your application from being checked by other random or unknown people.
  • Users can record all the incoming and outgoing calls with crystal clear voice quality. Users can save their call recordings on cloud storage, in this way you’ll have a record of all the calls and you can use these recordings as proof just in case of reporting any suspicious or threatening calls.
  • The mod apk offers a well-organized phone book for all of your precious contacts. Now you can save the contacts limitless without any inconvenience or restrictions. It automatically creates a backup for all of your contacts in your phone book. So if your phone gets damaged by any accidental situation then you’ll be able to regain all of your contacts by signing in with your Gmail account.

Truecaller Premium Download Guide

Truecaller Premium MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to block any annoying contact or number?
A: Simply select the number from your call logs and add the number to the block list in order to block any unauthorized number.

Q: How can we get access to the premium features for free?
A: Simply download the mod apk of Truecaller and install it over the regular apk. In this way, you’ll be able to get access to all premium features for free.

Q: How do see the details of missed calls?
A: Just go to the missed calls section and tap on the more information option on the top corner of logs.


Truecaller Premium MOD APK is the best utility application for securing your identity from fraudulent scammer calls and other unwanted annoying people. It keeps your contacts well organized and saves your precious time by identifying fake calls.

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