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Call of Duty is the best shooting game ever with the feature of multi-player gaming. There are several battlefields with amazing 3D graphics which enhance the gaming experience of the player.
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Call Of Duty Mod Apk Download

Call of Duty MOD APK is a strategical war-based game. It was initially designed on the concept of world war II in 2003 but later it was modified and upgraded according to the latest warfare. 

Among the shooter games, Call of Duty is one of the best games among them. You can play on on your Smartphone as well. If you have been attached with playing games on PC, then you must be known to Call of Duty. Even a not really active game player would have heard of this game and surely would have installed and played it. This is the legacy of this game.

Call of duty a unique shooting game has won several “game of the year” awards from the year of its launch. It was declared best shooting game year after it was launched. This game was developed by an American company named Infinity that breaks all the records of popularity in the field of electronic gaming. This game was designed on the basis of World War II through which players got the opportunity to see the wars through the eyes of American, Soviet and England soldiers. Along with singleplayer game Call of Duty included Multi-player gameplay which turned iout to e more challenging and exciting.

Call Of Duty Apk Gameplay

In Call of Duty, game players got the opportunity to fight through campaigns with the real human opponents on the other side with its multi-player feature. In single-player mode, computer-guided troops are there to fight, which allowed its player to understand war and strategies of winning wars and campaigns. It gives them the idea of a real war strategy. During this, the soldier instead of fighting alone is part of a great troop. Snatching the weapons and destroying opponents’ types of equipment is one of the main skills of the soldier. Saving the injured soldiers and struggle to keep them alive, natural human response to a nearby blast in the game is wonderful and amazing features of the game which make it different from other shooting games.

Popularity of Call of Duty is followed by numerous sequels which has created diversity in it like Call of Duty II, Call of Duty – Finest Hour and Call of Duty – III. Following these Call of Duty – Four introduced modern warfare and allowed the players to get into the conflicts between America, England and Russia. Call of Duty game is largest selling electronics game with latest warfare which is an amazing gaming experience for its players. Hence this game has kept itself on the top of other games through innovation and its unique features. 

Call Of Duty Mod Features:

All Characters are Unlocked

  • In Call of Duty Mod Apk, all the characters included in the game have been unlocked. In original version they are locked and takes time and efforts to unlock them. Therefore, unlocked characters in this version make the game interesting from the first go and compete. Also, as in multi-player mode you can form a strong team to compete the opponents with the best characters in the game.

Special Aimbot

  • This feature in Call of Duty Mod Apk version really makes the difference. Also Aimbot is automated feature of targeting the enemies. No matter how far the enemy is aimbot gonna take a clear target and shot the enemy for sure.  All you need is to place the aimshot near the enemy, it will automatically recognize the enemy, and as you shoot it going to bang on target. For beginners in start it a bit difficult task to do but once you master this feature you will kill enemies like a pro.

No Root Required

  • Often you are required to root your smartphone in order to install a mod version. There is no such obstacle in installing Call of Duty Mod Apk from this link.

Auto Re-load of the Weapons

  • What happen if you face an enemy and shoot him and the character in the game starts to re-load the gun?  The opponent may hang his gun on his shoulder and pull out a knife to cut you off. Bad ending! Mod version has the feature of auto re-loading of the weapons. This make you free from the hectic activity of re-loading the gun again and again. It also saves you time and concentrate on the game and enemies rather than looking the magazine of the gun after every shot.

Unlimited Access to COD Points

  • Call of Duty Mod Apk gives access to unlimited COD points. These unlimited points help you to upgrade your weapons and, help to cover more ground as the game moves on. COD points also assist players to rank higher by attaining higher points.

Protection from Account Ban

  • This version of Mod Apk secures your account from getting banned by the developers through its anti-banning features.

Allow Online Gameplay

  •  Hence This feature of Call of Duty Mod Apk allows you to play the game with your friends and forms a team. This is an amazing feature of the game, and helps you hit your target with the assistance of your friends.

Tips to Play:

  • Select auto-fire mode than manual as it opens up the fire as soon as the enemy is targeted.
  • Falling from a height can kill or will surely reduce health. Make sure to jump down straight rather than gliding towards the ground. Always find cover while combating the enemies.
  • Upgrade your weapon timely so that you are always ready to face the opposition. Soldier of the year!

Call Of Duty Download Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can we play multi- player mode in Call of Duty Mod Apk?

A: The answer is yes. Call of Duty Mod Apk provides the feature of multi-player gaming. Have fun with friends!

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Q: What is the benefit of downloading Call of Duty Mod Apk?

A: The player has the advantage over others in health(quick healing), weapons, character and in game play during the battle.


Call of Duty MOD APK is the best shooting game ever with the feature of multi-player gaming. There are several battlefields with amazing 3D graphics which enhance the gaming experience of the player. Different campaigns like 5 Vs 5, sniper Vs Sniper and a lot of action is awaiting you in this Call of Duty Mod Apk pack. You can also have a great gaming experience by downloading this Mod Apk which will make you outstand among the crowd. Put into practice your best war plans and defeat your enemies. Upgrade your weapons and unlock the characters of the game and have unlimited fun.



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